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Why Head Offices And Corporate Businesses Need a Virtual Tour


It is well known and discussed how businesses need a virtual tour. But, usually, it’s all about restaurants, stores, and other businesses that deal with face-to-face interactions with customers.

What’s not talked about (I didn’t find any results on Google at least), is that head offices and corporate businesses, which do not usually deal with customers in person, need a virtual tour as well.

With trends moving fast, big companies are stressed to either follow trends or create new ones. The market for global augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are estimated to be worth $143 million by 2020 compared to 2017 which was at $11.4 million. With such a big movement, it is practically crazy not to jump on the virtual tour bandwagon.


Value of Virtual Tours for Human Resources

Part of working in Human Resources (HR) is recruitment and training. Implementing a virtual tour in your strategy will save both time and money in the long run.

Virtual tours are a great tool to help with promoting job offers and advertising your amazing work environment.


Use virtual tours for scouting and hiring

Virtual tours are for more than just the customer, HR can take advantage of the many elements that can be added to a virtual tour. A virtual tour can be used to attract new employees and allow them to see what the companies work culture is like

Part of the job of attracting candidates is to know what they want. HR needs to know what candidates are looking for in a career and their expectations of the attached benefits.

Millenials are big on ambiance

Within the next few years, millennials will begin to represent about half of the workforce. So, now more than ever do you need to think about the people who are being hired in the years to come.

Millenials are big on agile work culture where responding quickly to environmental change is key. Head offices and corporate businesses need to stay in tune with what is #trending, and this type of work culture is definitely something to look out for.

It is not enough anymore to just offer a job with a good salary. Many people want a career that will ensure their safety, and that has a friendly and open-minded environment.

Millenials have been raised in a fast-paced world where technology and pop-culture are always growing. Many expect companies to react the same way and move with trends.

360 virtual tours use modern technology, and the features and usage are always evolving. Making this tool a great way to show a companies’ modern and innovative side.


Use virtual tours for employee training

HR can use virtual tours to train employees, this works especially well for companies that use factory and/or systematic work.

People in HR can save a great amount of time with training employees through a virtual tour. Thus, having more time to spend on other areas of responsibility. Also, people can do their training from home or in the office, depending on the company and job.

Virtual tours allow HR to train more employees at a time without having to deal with time constraints and/or the organization required to assemble groups together for training sessions. Thus, a larger amount of employees can be trained with a lighter workload on HR’s end. It’s a win-win scenario!

virtual tours save money.

The estimated average that Canadian employers spend on training per employee, per year is $500 to $1,000. Using a virtual tour can cut training costs. Employees will spend less time in training as everything they need is at the click of a button.amount spent in employee training

Furthermore, 99% of head offices and corporate businesses state that their employees learn most of their skills on the job. Thus, employees only need to learn the basics from a virtual tour before they are ready to acquire their real skills on the job.


The SEO Value of Virtual Tours for Head Offices and Corporate Businesses

search engine optimization (SEO) is a staple in inbound marketing. Every entrepreneur (who is up to date) is well aware of this. So, ask yourself, what is a great way to work your SEO? Content, content, and more content.

Content marketing is BIG! And many marketers talk about how you should create a variety of content, including videos, infographics, pictures, blog posts, etcetera, etcetera. I am sure that you are well aware of this.

What you may not know is that a virtual tour is just as worthy as any other source of content! Just like any other type of content, virtual tours can be used for different socials and for promotional purposes.

For example, Virgin Airlines advertised a virtual tour of their Airbus A320 Cabin on billboards, digital banners, and interactive bus shelters. People could go through the luxurious cabin to see what all of the hype was about. This was a great technique to pull people in and was a way to reach almost anybody.


3 Reasons Why Virtual Tours Are Important For Your Business.


Use MTL tags inside a virtual tour to make it POP!

There are an amazing amount of features that can be added to a virtual tour

You can use virtual tours for social media (like facebook), your website, and for promotional purposes.

Get creative with what a virtual tour can offer by playing with the different features, and just to name a few, you can include:

  • Your contact information
  • Still images, panoramic images, and/or videos
  • Pricing charts or information about products
  • Text and headings
  • Background music, or voice audio
  • Custom links for products, videos, socials, and others
  • And so much more because virtual tours are so customizable to your needs.

Just look at this example of Alfa Romeo, which has integrated commercials of different models into their virtual tour



It’s More Than a Virtual Tour

Head offices and corporate businesses can use a virtual tour to say something about their brand. It brings life to your brand because it allows consumers to see a virtual representation of the head office and it shows the ambiance and values of the brand as well.

Customers may end up on your virtual tour to see the inside layout of the headquarters, but they can also leave with a new product or subscription. Also, having a virtual tour allows companies to reach consumers from all over the world!

Using a virtual tour not only reaches out to your audience, it connects with them as well.

In other words, a virtual tour can encourage empathy in clients as they begin to relate more and more with your brand. As mentioned before, millennials have a strong influence on the market and what they desire is to feel connected.

Introduce your team.

Use your virtual tour as a way to introduce your team behind all of the hard work by including a video or pictures. Consumers value knowing the brands they work with, and by introducing the people behind a brand’s logo, consumers are more inclined to put their trust (and money) in that brand’s hands.

You see, distrust is extremely high which means that transparency and authenticity in marketing are crucial. Customers are tired of companies that advertise products with no intent but for money. Customers want to know the purpose of a brand, and what drives that company to keep going.


Learn how to embed your virtual tour on your website


What To Take From all of This.

In a fast pace, technology growing, and changing market, virtual tours are an amazing and innovative way to show how your company is well-rounded and welcoming.

360 virtual tours are more than just a compilation of panoramic images, it is a brand’s image, it tells a company’s story, it is promotional content, it is whatever you want it to be. And that is why Head offices and corporate businesses should get a virtual tour up and running because it is completely worth it (not to mention very inexpensive).





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