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What (Exactly) is a Social Media Influencer?

From all of the companies large and small that are using influencer-based marketing, over 90% claim their influencer’s work is successful. For people who are new to social media, the concept of hiring a social media influencer can seem obtuse. The fact is that social media influencers can help your company explode onto a new market in ways no traditional marking can.

Influencers are experts in the world of social media. They know how to give viewers what they want without repeating themselves or seeming boring. They build a base of support and then sell access to that base to companies who need help with digital marketing.

If you’re thinking about using an influencer on your next campaign, you should know that it’s one of the hottest trends in digital marketing. You might find someone who is willing to work for a good price, but there’s no way to tell if it’s a deal unless you get to know what influencers do. Here’s a breakdown of what a social media influencer brings to the table.


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They’re Trusted

If a social media influencer has one main source of currency, it’s their trust. Trust is the most valuable currency in the world of social media, and influencers spend years building it with their audience. Through sincere posting and a regular peek into their lives, viewers and followers build a relationship with an influencer.

When an influencer says that they like a product, they’ve got all the years of trust built up with their audience to support their claim. Even for a niche product or service, an influencer could hurt their reputation if they got behind a product they didn’t really believe in.

People can smell insincerity a mile away. Violating that trust would compromise years of work that an influencer has done. Know that when they get behind your product, they’ll do so with a lot of meaning and power behind their support.


They’ve Got Knowledge

Influencers have done all sorts of research in the field where they’re an influencer. They’ve tried dozens of products you may have never heard about. There might be lots of products they tried and never made a video or post about.

This is because they know the power of providing high-quality content about high-quality products. Their knowledge might seem like it’s extremely specific, but that doesn’t mean they don’t possess a great deal of knowledge about your service.

Find out what industries they know the best before you work with them. You could be pleasantly surprised.


They Know How To Communicate

A social media influencer knows how to communicate clearly and they know how to grow their digital social circles. They are twice as likely to talk about brands online and they know how to do it in a way that interests their audience.

Their audience will be much more robust and varied than the average social media user. They’ve made a massive network of connections through brands, friends, and events. By having a broad base of regular followers, they’re able to reach out to a broad audience on behalf of your services.

As social networks continue to grow, much of that growth is due to how users are communicating online. Influencers are on the cutting edge of communicating about products and services with their audience.


They’re Often Interested In Service

A good influencer is truly passionate about the products they talk about. They take what they do seriously and will offer palpably sincere feedback about your product to their user base.

Influencers know which information is valuable to their audience and which information might be better left out. They will want to help you grow your business and will be able to provide valuable insights on how to better connect with your audience.

If there’s a certain type of service personality, exhibited by people who enjoy service jobs or love to help others, influencers have this.


They Know Timing

Influencers know how and when to launch a campaign. They know which time of day and which day of the week, down to the minute, that will make your campaign most successful. They know how and when to use their voice for a given service and when it will make the most difference.

They’ll also have a handle on what their followers want and when they want it. While there are peak times for promoting certain types of services, others are targeted for odder hours. Your social media influencer will let you know everything you need to know about deploying a campaign.


They’re Very Persuasive

The first time you speak with your social media influencer, you might notice how naturally they speak with you. It’s because they’ve mastered how to make people listen when you talk and how to assert yourself when you’re saying something important.

Influencers can help to rebuild a damaged reputation of a brand or they can help create that reputation in the first place. They will help you change your behavior as a business leader and start to see other ways that you could trim the fat with your products and services.


A Social Media Influencer Will Boost Sales

Hiring a social media influencer will allow your sales to bloom in the springtime. By linking your company to a strong influencer’s profile, you’ll be able to connect with the audience they’ve spent years building up. You’ll also be able to reach out to new audiences in a new way.

No matter how great your promotional posting and videos are, there’s nothing better than having a co-signer to do all of the heavy lifting for you.

If you’re looking for more ways to build your brand reputation, check out our articles all about building your reputation and authority.

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