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Website Conversion: 5 Key Elements You Need for Your Website

Having a website is great and all, but if it’s not bringing in the right kind of traffic or has bad website conversion, what’s the point?

Here are the 5 key elements you might be missing from your website to put a pep in your website conversion’s step!


Conversion v.s Traffic

Before we can get into how you will make your website conversion even better, we have to discuss what conversion is and the common myths about conversion and traffic.

Traffic is the number of visitors your website receives.

Conversion is the point at which a person receiving your marketing message performs your desired actions. This could involve recipients providing their email address for a tool, filling out a form for an ebook, buying a product, or any other goal you have.

You may be stuck in a predicament where you are bringing in a lot of traffic but your conversion rates are either lowering or at a halt.

Many people make the mistake of focusing solely on traffic and allowing conversion to occur naturally.

But here is where that idea faulters, and I will demonstrate it with a little equation.

equation of how to get conversion results

As you can see, if you have zero conversion, you will have zero results.

In other words, if you only focus on your traffic, you’re going to see your conversion rates drop. Instead, you need to focus on getting a bigger amount of visitors who actually convert compared to just having a big number of visitors who don’t actually engage with your call to actions.

Do not worry though because you can improve your website conversion rate.

Here are a couple (but not all) tips on optimizing your website for conversion

  1. Make sure your keywords are targeting your intended traffic. You can use a keyword finder to know which keywords work the best for your audience.
  2. Rethink your funnel strategy (are there any unnecessary pages? are the pages in the proper order?).
  3. Use A/B testing to see which design brings the best website conversion, it could be as simple as the difference in font or color.
  4. Is your website aesthetically pleasing? Prevent boredom by keeping your website up to date.
  5. Use colors wisely. Some colors are known to be more effective than others. Red improves website conversion by 34% compared to green.
  6. Remove empty cart icons and reset buttons. These types of things are prone to make visitors leave or reset/back out of their action or purchase.
  7. Ensure that your ads are optimized for your actual objective. Ads need to send the right marketing message and mirror your objective. You don’t want to mislead visitors.
  8. Always track your progress, you need to know everything about your visitors (location, their actions on your website, what page of your funnel they leave at, etc). This way you can always stay on top of your game!


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Once you have improved your website conversion you can focus on bringing in more traffic.

But for now, let’s make sure your website is open and ready for visitors using these 5 key elements to boost your website conversion.


1. Testimonials

Testimonials are reviews and comments from happy customers about your product and/or service.

They help with website conversion because they assure visitors that your brand is worth their time and money.

Example of a testimonial from a real estate agency:


website conversion example of testimonial


Admit it, when you are about to spend your hard earned cash on a service or product, you can’t help but scrutinize the credibility and value of that brand. I know I’m guilty of it!

You want site visitors to be confident in your brand and product/service and that’s why you should use first-hand customer experience.

It’s just natural for consumers to trust other consumers’ opinion.

Testimonials are great for website conversion because they are unbiased evidence of your credibility and value.

Customer testimonials have the highest efficiency rating of 89% for all types of content marketing

Testimonials also allow you to pitch your product or service discretely without scaring away potential clients. Most people dislike pushy websites that are only trying to sell and give nothing in return.


How to benefit the most from testimonials

If you don’t have testimonials on your website already, or you are new to the game do not fear (that’s why I’m here!). You can collect testimonials by emailing clients for feedback and even include a special offer in return. Most clients who are satisfied with your customer service and products will be happy to support you.  You can also use reviews from Google, Facebook, or any other social platform that allows feedback.


When collecting your testimonials be selective.

You should always make sure that your testimonials reflect your buyer persona. A buyer persona is the image of your ideal customer, your target traffic. In other words, you want your testimonial to represent your target audience. Thus, you need to think of your demographics; their age, location, lifestyles, etc. If you are selling children’s shoes, you should have parents’ testimonials and if you can, add some youngsters in too.

On the same note, ask clients to include their information alongside their testimonial. Ask people to include their name, city, age, or other information that applies to your niche and audience.

Look for testimonials that show what you offer because it is not enough to just have comments on how great your brand is. People need more than “great” or “awesome” to feel safe. You need testimonials that describe the benefits of your service and/or product and explain why visitors should put their trust and money in you.

Find testimonials that compare your brand to another to show how your brand is the better option.

Be creative with your testimonials and use images, a video, audio, or creative text. Like in any inbound marketing strategy, visuals are always a great way to better your visitor experience. Add an image of the person next to their testimonial or make a video to better represent your customers.

Lastly, once you have collected the best testimonials that represent your customers, your brand’s message, and purpose, it is time to spread them like wildfire. You do not have to only put your testimonials on one page, you can scatter them around your website. You can put them on your homepage, contact page, case studies page, or even create a page dedicated only to testimonials. Do what works best for your audience and place them appropriately to increase website conversion.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: do not use fake testimonials, please. It will only hurt your brand’s reputation.


2. Link Your Website to a CRM for Better Website Conversion

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a dream within a system. It is, as defines it, “a technology for managing all of your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.”

94% of sale leaders use CRM for contact information, but it’s much more than that. CRM should be used to document and organize everything known about a client. When you get conversions, this is where you should be tracking them. You can see which page visitors leave a funnel, how many times they visited a web page, the possibilities are endless. Overall, CRM is a great system to track your leads and clients, improve your overall website conversion rate, and visitor experience.

If you use CRM properly, you can track every interaction you or your employees have had with clients. With this, you can look back on conversations and assess what went right and what went wrong. Also, it allows you to bring up things from your last conversation the next time you interact with a customer, making them feel that you truly care and remember them.

Every business should have a CRM system from the beginning. Even a startup should have one because they need to be prepared for when they begin picking up clients. It is better to have a system set up beforehand so that they do not find themselves scrambling to fill it in later.

Many businesses use spreadsheets to organize their customer information but they are losing out on connecting with clients and building the relationship and foundation that leads to sales.  It is a waste of time and work efficiency if a CRM system is pushed to be done later.


There’s so much that a CRM system can do to improve your website conversion and business.

It ameliorates customer experience because you can keep up with your clients. As said previously, a CRM system keeps track of your customers’ information (number, email, website, last conversation, personal information, location, information about their company, etc). With all of this information at the click of a button, you can keep track of your clients’ interest and what to promote next.

Improve your productivity with a CRM system because it can automate tasks for you to stay on track and not fall behind in administrative work. You can also keep track of your employees progress. It’s like having eyes in the back of your head!

Improve team collaboration. People who are on the same sales team can learn from each other; managers can track their employees’ phone calls with customers, and overall communication is much easier. CRM brings your team together!

Improve your organization and prevent the loss of files and contact information. Everything is in one place and easily available.

Businesses who have an e-commerce should have a CRM system to keep track of their clients’ purchase history.

You see, 53% of shoppers agree that it’s important for retailers to recognize them as the same person across all devices and channels they shop. A CRM system allows you to have your customer’s files on hand in case you have a phone call, email, or want to promote new products.

Using CRM for e-commerce creates a better customer service in all areas of the shopping experience including online shopping, recommendations, customer service, and more).

Overall, having a CRM system and using it properly helps boost our website conversion because if  you are more organized as a business, people will be more satisfied with your service and have a higher rate of conversion (buying products, answering call-to-actions, etc.)


3. Social Sharing

Anyone who owns a business, or most at least, will agree that they want to increase their reach. It’s normal, you want more people from your niche and of your buyer persona to know about your brand.

One way that you can do so is by including social share buttons on your website because they drive traffic to your website.


website conversion social media icons


You see, people like things that are on trend and popular. It’s like when cronuts became popular, everybody wanted to try them because they were so trendy (but I mean whats not to love, a doughnut and croissant combined, it’s mouthwatering!

By adding social share buttons to your website, you can increase your amount of website traffic and potentially your website conversion.

Including social share buttons on your website is good for your SEO as well because it increases the chance of natural links. People can use your content on their own blogs and websites, but also share your blog post on their social medias. You see, websites with social sharing buttons get seven times more mentions than those that don’t.

To get the most out of social share buttons, here are a couple of tips.

  • Place share buttons at both the top and bottom of your blog post. People who tend to read all the way through a blog will use the bottom buttons while someone who is prone to grazing the post will most likely click the top button.
  • Don’t overuse the buttons. Keep them for the pages that are actually shareable like your content, blogs, job postings, case studies, research, etc.
  • Always show the popular social buttons like Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest (some are more relevant to your niche than others).


4. Include a Social Feed on Your Website

Part of improving your website conversion is building a relationship with your customers and website visitors. Integrate your social feed onto your website to stay connected with your audience.

Once you attach a social media widget to your website, your website will show up to date posts and activity. Your clients and site visitors will be able to interact with you by retweeting, liking, sharing, and commenting on your feed.

Use the social feed as an additional way to communicate with costumers and site visitors as they engage with your feed.

Even more, your website traffic will be able to see all of your updated news, company information, promotions, and more!

By having your social feed attached to your website you are not only taking steps to improve your website conversion but are increasing your followers, shares, retweets, likes, and so on.


5. Get Your Booking System Stat!

Booking systems for reservations, ordering, and booking is useful for almost any business that sells a product, service, entertainment, or runs by appointment.

You can even connect it to your CRM system to keep track of appointments and clients. It’s even great for analytics because it shows you how well certain promotions work and which tactics work the best with your buyer persona. If that doesn’t boost your conversion rate I don’t know what will!

If you own a business, and you have a website, don’t hold back from increasing your website conversion and revenue. E-commerce is an industry worth 200 billion dollars in the United States alone and is projected to grow by 15% in the next year.

People like efficiency and being able to book a reservation or order food online is a win-win. Therefore, they will definitely choose you over someone who doesn’t have an online booking system.

With so many benefits for both you and your customers, it’s a no-brainer that every business should have a booking system.


Online Ordering Systems

One of the biggest benefits of having an online ordering system for both you and your costumers is time.

Online orders are received in less than 30 seconds. For restaurants that means less time is wasted on the phone taking orders and more time with the clients who are at the restaurant.

Furthermore, customers have all the time in the world to look at the complete menu which means a happy review and in most cases a bigger order. You see, when people have the time to look at a complete menu, they tend to order more than ‘just the usual.’

Instead of managing the crazy amount of phone calls, employees can focus on completing the orders and working on the overall dining experience.

Imagine, less miscommunication, no more language barriers, no bad reception, and so many more possibilities. Having a booking system integrated into your website makes for a better experience for everyone, including you!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Make sure your website is secure with an SSL certificate if you are collecting people’s personal information and bank information. Hacking is a real thing and people will not use your website if they do not trust it (which is very bad for website conversion).


Online Reservation Systems

Whether for a restaurant, hotel, resort, or any other service that books appointments, an online reservation system is a great way to enhance customer experience and website conversion.

If you own a restaurant that delivers, you should definitely consider having both an online ordering and reservation system to benefit even more.

Also, they are really great for big events like anniversaries, parties, and family gathering.

Bussiness and website owners can also integrate their online reservation system into a 360 virtual tour! This is a great way to give customers a feel for the business and choose the table or place they want to reserve.

Lastly, make sure that your website and booking system(s) are mobile-friendly because a whopping 90% of mobile app users say they are interested in using apps to make their purchase!


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