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Increase Your Visibility With Instagram

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More Visibility

With 800 million users, Instagram is a huge platform buzzing with potential clients. Montreal 360’s Social Media Services help you tap into this and expand the amount of people who know about your business. Promote your upcoming promotions, giveaways, and store location.

social media services

Engage With Your Audience

Instagram is a great platform to communicate with your clients and leads. By liking and commenting on pictures and messaging your clients and leads, you can increase customer experience and grow a bigger relationship with them.


Strengthen The Link With Your Audience

Bring your followers behind the scenes of your business with quality content and engaging captions. People love feeling connected to brands and Instagram is a great way to grow closer to your audience. Think about it, you are building an audience that is genuinely interested in your products, story, brand, and content.

social media services

Increase Your Sales

By posting quality content, engaging with your audience, and promoting your brand, you will see an obvious increase in sales. 1/3 of Instagram users make a purchase directly on the Instagram application!

social media services

How Instagram is Changing Marketing


Content marketing is already big, but what’s making it grow even more is how social media platforms like Instagram are becoming more and more prominent in the world of marketing. It’s not just about taking a pretty picture anymore, there are hashtags, captions, analytics, and more! Any business that doesn’t jump on this is missing out on the thousands of possible leads available at the click of a button. 


With Montreal 360’s Social Media Services, our team can help you with:

  • Creating original content.
  • Designing a theme for your Instagram feed.
  • Strategically posting content on your Instagram feed.
  • Doing hashtag research to find the best keywords for your brand.
  • Connecting your brand with Influencers.


390 followers and growing

Photography and Videography

A great example of how social media marketing can build up a brand. Instagram allows the team at HxN_INC to reach out to companies, influencers, and people who may be interested in a photo shoot or video. They use their Instagram account to showcase their creative work and cool projects. Without Instagram, they would not have such a large reach.


A word from the brand themselves

“Using Instagram as a main marketing tool has really helped us grow our brand. With all of the features, you can really connect with your followers at a more personal level. We especially like using the direct message and insta-story features, it’s pretty cool!”


1200 followers and growing (+200 followers in one month)

Package: Photography  +  Posting

Social media has helped reach and engage with more people related to Salmigondis’ audience. Since working with Montreal 360, they have gained 200 followers in a month and 7,000 impressions per week.


Increase in Natural Reach

Now that the Salmigondis Instagram channel is consistently active with quality images and tested hashtags, they now receive an average of 10 visits and 5 new followers per post. The total amount of views generated in the past month is equivalent to 121$ in Instagram ads!

Better Engagement

Working with influencers and food bloggers has also increased their overall Instagram audience. In collaboration with Bites of Montreal, they got 50 followers in exchange for one dining experience. Overall, social media marketing has increased their profile visits from 74 to 122 people per week!

We Help You Get Connected

Authentic Content by Professional Photographers

We create authentic quality content for your Instagram. We provide you with original content created by our team of amazing professional photographers and editors. We only settle for the best, so that we can create aesthetically awesome material.

Instagram Design and Posts

Our team strategically creates a theme and the layout of your Instagram posts with your business in mind. Everything is designed uniquely to you!


Here is How We Do It:

  1. We book a photoshoot/videoshoot with you and your brand.
  2. Once we complete the photo shoot, we compile the best pictures to create a designed feed that works best with your brand. This includes the filter set, caption style, order of images, and overall look of your Instagram feed.
  3. We keep you connected by posting pictures to your feed consistently everyday. Consistency is key to a successful Instagram feed and we do it for you, so you can focus on your business!
social media services
social media services

Hashtag Research

Hashtags are the keywords of Instagram. Our team ensures that your Instagram feed and posts are getting the most visibility possible! With our expert knowledge in hashtag trends, use of analytic tools, and extensive research, we find the most suitable hashtags for your posts.


Every Account Gets:

  • 30 hashtags per post (the maximum permitted by Instagram).
  • Hashtags specific to individual posts (relevance is key)
  • focus hashtags (specific to your brand and used to increase brand visibility).

Influencer Collaborations


Our team picks from our pre-selected pool of influencers to match your brand’s image. Influencers will post content on their feed showing your product or service in a natural setting. We don’t settle for showy or obvious collaborations, we don’t want viewers to shy away from what seems like an obvious ad. Our mix of influencers bring you both great visibility and engagement. They can also grow your follower base with giveaways including your products or services!

Social media with influencers
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We Provide Monthly Reports

To make sure your Instagram marketing strategy is on the right track, we send you monthly reports. Our team shows you important metrics and how your return on investment(ROI) is working out.

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