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Should I Do Instagram Ads?

Marketing your business today is more complicated than it used to be. We’ve gone from measuring the number of radio listeners and TV viewership to measuring likes and followers.

One popular social media marketing tool is Instagram ads — but the question is, does it suit your needs?

In September 2017, Instagram had over 800 million active users each month. And the number of U.S. users alone is expected to exceed 95 million in 2020.

Instagram is experiencing a huge growth spurt right now. And it doesn’t seem like it’ll slow down anytime soon. So, if you want your business to grow too, it might be time to hop on the Instagram bandwagon.

Note that “might be” are the operative words here.

Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons of using Instagram ads to market your business.

Let’s get started!


Instagram Ads Pros: The Pictures

When it comes to marketing a business, especially in the visual world that we are today, pictures are solid gold.

That’s why using Instagram ads may be a wise move for your company. You can easily use Instagram to show off powerful images of your products, store location, and happy customers.

Pictures can be posted on Instagram in the following forms:

  • Photo ads
  • Slideshow ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads, which feature at least two videos or images

The pictures used for your ads will demonstrate right away the value of the service you offer.


Pro: Easy to Use All Around

Another benefit of using Instagram ads? They make the life of everybody who uses it easier.

First, these ads make everything easier because once you post a photo-based ad, a user can share it with their friends. Then, it can be shared again and again.

All of this happens with little work on your part. Instagram users become your unofficial salespeople, helping you promote your business without even realizing it.

You’ll also love how easy Instagram is to use compared to other more complex social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. This translates into more traffic, which means more potential customers for your brand.

After all, people are like a stream of water — they’ll always go down the path of least resistance.

In addition, Instagram makes sharing your content across social media platforms a cinch.

You can share an Instagram photo on all of your other social media networks instantaneously. It’s one of the biggest reasons why Instagram has become so popular.

But Instagram isn’t easy just for you. It’s also easier for your potential customers.

Pictures are a lot easier for people’s brains to process. So, they’ll get a message from a picture much faster than they would from text. That’s just another reason many businesses find Instagram so appealing.


Pro: The Chance to Go Viral

The more your brand’s photo ads are shared, the greater chance of going viral.

In other words: Cha-ching.

Going viral can translate into growing sales and many excited, new customers.

Just make sure you post content that offers value to Instagram users. Only then will your photo have the chance of going viral.


Pro: Makes You Feel Good

In a world where life can be chaotic and where opinions are divided, people just want to feel good. And that’s something Instagram offers.

Using Instagram is calming due to its low negativity. Posts are mostly pictures, so users don’t have to worry about seeing negative comments. It’s a chief reason for incorporating Instagram ads into your marketing strategy.

If you offer real estate pictures that resonate with today’s interests and trends, you’ll draw more people to your company online. And that could lead to more sales — which is exactly what you want.


Con: Not Many Business Minds

Another disadvantage of using Instagram ads? Many Instagram users don’t have business in mind.

Instagram users are generally focused on keeping up with their favorite celebrities or friends. When they go on Instagram, it’s usually to waste idle time.

Making a purchase usually isn’t the first thing on their minds. And that’s not exactly great for business.


Con: Generally Limited to Smartphones

Instagram is primarily used for smartphones. Therefore, the desktop version doesn’t have the same features that the smartphone version does.

As a result, not all of your potential customers may see what you’re posting on Instagram depending on what version they’re using. Because of it, you could be missing out on sales opportunities.


Con: Tarnished Reputation in Some Ways

The demand for Instagram is growing among Internet users, including businesses. However, this social media platform does have a few reputation issues you might want to consider.

For instance, some critics say that Instagram takes away from photography as an art. In addition, it’s criticized for consuming too much of Internet users’ time. Finally, the platform is known for encouraging the well-known “selfie culture.”

As a result, some users may avoid Instagram, which naturally may turn you off from posting Instagram ads, too.

Still, there are those dedicated Instagram users who may end up being good customers of yours if you’re willing to give this social network a try — and stick with it.


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