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Restaurant Marketing 101: Every Restaurant Needs a Virtual Tour

When I look for a restaurant, as well as 97% of other customers, I search for local businesses, like restaurants, before I go to them. Speaking for myself at least, I am looking for a restaurant that is inviting and that I can trust will take great care of me.

What is a great way to show customers that your restaurant is amazing? A 360 virtual tour of course!

360 Virtual tours, as you can read about in our case study, are proven to help local businesses, but they also help will targeting leads from further away as well!

Getting a virtual tour for your restaurant helps with local SEO, it provides great content for social media, and it super customizable to your needs. And that is why virtual tours are great for restaurant marketing.

Want to know more? Keep reading to find out why YOU need a virtual tour for your restaurant.

Local SEO Value of Virtual Tours.

As mentioned before, more than 90% of consumers search for a local business on a search engine before they decide where they want to go. Search engines make finding a restaurant so much easier because, if the restaurant has used their Google My Business (GMB) properly, consumers can find an array of information about almost any location.

Consumers can find a restaurant’s open hours, menu, address, phone number, and even take a virtual tour of the interior.

In other words, if you own a restaurant, have claimed your GMB, are receiving and responding to reviews, and have a virtual tour, you are setting yourself up for success and will see an increase in visibility and SEO!


Integrating Your Virtual Tour to Your Website and Facebook

Do you wanna hear something really cool? If you have a virtual tour for your restaurant, you can implement it into your restaurant marketing through both social media and your website!


A virtual tour on my website?

It is very common to include a menu, why add a tour of your restaurant? In a way it is the same idea, you are giving people an idea of your restaurant before arriving. Do you have a terrace? Booths? Maybe a stage for live music? All of these aspects are great sellers and what better way to promote them than with a virtual tour?

It’s like a fashion show for your restaurant. You get to show off the great aspects of your ambiance and show how great of a spot you have.

People who visit your website, AKA site visitors, will see that you offer a virtual tour and automatically be more interested because not everybody is doing it. It’s the perfect way to stand out.

The better user experience site visitors have on your website and virtual tour, the better chances you have of them stopping by your actual restaurant.

You can check out our blog on how to integrate a virtual tour on your website.

Integrate your restaurant’s virtual tour onto your Facebook

There are over 1.15 billion mobile users active on Facebook, daily. 42% of marketers report that Facebook is crucial to their business.

With such a large possible reach, it makes no sense not to be working your Facebook. But, to get a large reach, you have to be interesting and valuable.

A big part of what grabs people’s attention is visual content. People love virtual reality as it is becoming more popular and videos in general. I know that I cannot help but watch a video or follow a business if their content is engaing.

Use your restaurant virtual tour to grab people’s attention and encourage user engagement.

You can read this blog on how to embed your virtual tour to your Facebook!


Use MTL Tag Features to Amp Your Virtual Tour

Imagen, walking into a restaurant, you hear the music in the background that fits perfectly with the ambiance. You walk in and are given the option to choose your table. Now take that idea and transform it into a virtual tour, because everything is possible.

There are no words to describe how amazing you can make a virtual tour, especially for a restuarnt. You can customize your virtual tour to perfectly represent your restaurant by adding features that amplify the vibe of your restaurant.


Set the mood of your restaurants ambiance in your virtual tour by adding a song.



Still Not Convinced?

Part of restaurant marketing is getting visibility, which is why businesses are recommended to create content, work their social media, and increase their SEO. All of this helps with persuading consumers to choose your restaurant over another in your niche.

Part of what makes a virtual tour so amazing is that it encourages consumer empathy and it increases trust between your restaurant and possible clients.


Build trust

Part of the reason why people search a location on Google before they actually go is that it is very hard to trust the idea of something.

For example, I might hear that the restaurant ‘Sublime’ (not a real restaurant) is great. But how will I really know unless I see it with my own eyes? I am intrigued but I need more. So, I go to Google to see what it is all about.

Before going to a restaurant I need to know some basic things; what kind of food is served? (menu), where is it? (location), what do other people think of it? (reviews), what does it look like? (virtual tour).

All of these aspects are going to sell the restaurant to me, and the more I can check off, the better.


Consumer Empathy

What is consumer empathy?  It the when a consumer, a person who makes purchases, can share emotions with your business.

As a restaurant owner, you want consumers to have empathy towards your business because restaurants are something that is close to many people’s hearts.

It’s a common thing for a family to have a ‘go-to’ restaurant that they can always rely on, one where birthdays and celebrations are held. Usually, people place sentimental value on their favorite restaurant because of family, memories, and nostalgia.

If you want people to connect to your restaurant, you have to build consumer empathy.

How? well, part of it is engaging with people through reviews and the comment section of your website and social media. But another great way is by having a virtual tour.

People can begin to emotially attach themselves to a restaurant by the click of a button. You can even add videos and text to add even more emotion to the virtual tour.

People can grow attached to your decor, location, or even just that you are providing honest for your audeince.

Furthermore, with so many restaurants available, some people may never even learn about your restaurant, unless you give them the oppurtunity.


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