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o.NOIR Restaurant

o.NOIR Restaurant


Already the rage in Europe, Australia, L.A. and New York, O NOIR is Canada’s first-ever restaurant that invites you to experience food, drink and conversation like never before IN THE DARK!
You get to enjoy your meal in complete darkness, there is no flashlights, cell phones, lighters, luminous watches, you name it. Without your sight, you have no choice but to let all your remaining senses guide you through this dining experience. You will appreciate the taste, texture and aroma of every single bite.

Located in Montreal’s Prince Arthur street, O Noir has locals talking! After a while in complete darkness you begin to feel and understand what it is like to be visually impaired – just like the restaurants’ entire wait staff. That’s right, your waiters are all blind! As ironic as it sounds, they will be your eyes for the night. The waiter guides you from the entrance to your table, guides you to the restroom when needed and is there to assist you during your entire evening.
After 10 years of experience, o.Noir offers everything you would expect from a good table: first class service, delicacies on the menu and as a bonus, an incomparable culinary experience.

Thanks to our virtual tour you can now visit O Noir restaurant with the lights on and get to know each and every single corner.

O Noir, now has more than one location. Unfortunately, there is no virtual tour from the Toronto Location, but you can still access a similar experience by visiting them in our neighbor province.


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