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Liv Salades

Liv Salades


Liv Salades was born out of a passion for gourmet salads and a desire to share the love of healthy foods. To receive a desirable meal, first class ingredients and friendly service is a promise that Liv Salades guarantees.
All the salads and soups are fresh from the day. Only the finest products have been picked and many of them come from the rooftop garden! (You can even enjoy the edible flowers!)
Every week the chef has a new inspiration and if ever it does not tickle your taste buds, you can just create your own salad. You have a wide selection of ingredients you can pick from the menu. You can even enjoy a glass of wine with your meal from their selection of privately imported wines or enjoy their Saturday brunches. All the recipes are created with much love and attention. At Liv, every ingredient has been tested, tasted and loved or it would not be served to customers.

The well being of customers is what Liv wants, from its healthy meals to its homely environment.
It’s sensory space, intimate and adaptable to everyone. Whether you are eating a healthy meal, shopping for your favorites or celebrating your special occasions, you will find your account in this little green oasis. When summer is around, you get to enjoy your food on one of the two terraces. If ever you want to enjoy it from the confort of your own home, Liv is partnered up with Foodora. What more could you ask for?

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