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Boulangerie Le Marquis

Boulangerie Le Marquis

Getting your hands on gluten free goods has never been easier thanks to Le Marquis bakery. With everything made with organic flower and no preservatives, you will be surprised at the wide range of products you have to choose from. Many are quite pleased when they can find their favourites pastries, baguettes, bagels, cakes and they’re all gluten free! Not to mention the fact that they have some dairy free items as well like some muffins, cakes and cheese.

Le Marquis did not begin as a gluten free bakery, this switch did not come easy nor were all the recipes easy to achieve. It took a lot of time, patience, mistakes and dough (no pun intended!) for this bakery to find the success they have today. Le Marquis has managed to find the right recipes to make what many people suffering from celiac disease thought they’d never eat again.
In case you’re wondering, you can also find some salted meals in this bakery. Splurge on their pizzas, lasagnas, sandwiches and quiches.

Whether you must cut gluten for health reasons, looking to live a healthier life style or just curious, checking out Le Marquis is a must! You will not be disappointed with all the goodies you have to choose from.

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