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Atelier 10

Atelier 10

Officially launched in 2012, Atelier 10 is a connector of the forces of new Quebec.
This social enterprise develops projects that will enable us to better understand the challenges of our time, take an active part in the life of our society and lead a more meaningful and satisfying existence.
Twice a year, Atelier 10, publishes their magazine about Quebec culture and society “Nouveau Projet”.
To add to their production, they have a collection of essays “Documents” and theatrical works “Pièces”. You can even catch their Nouveau Projet podcasts.

In 2015, Atelier 10 was the first french magazine to receive the prestigious “Magazine of the year” award. Just a year earlier, they received the international certification B Corporation, they were one of the first Quebec organizations to join this select group of companies around the world. Its safe to say this entreprise has made an impression on our community, with nearly 30 000 readers, 50 000 people connected to their social networks, 17 000 website visitors per month and 4500 subscribers to their newsletters. Not to mention to amount of visitors they welcome in their boutique and it will only keep growing thanks to their virtual tour and all the benefits it offers.As if  they didn’t do enough, their editorial content studio offers services to companies and organizations that want to offer their customers high quality content with high social impact. The services range from writing a simple tweet to a complete content strategy. From the production of a conference to that of a podcast or a magazine.

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