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What Is MTL Outrank?

SEO can be confusing, and customers keep asking us to just tell them what to do.

A viable SEO strategy is more often the result of many types of links on a sustained basis. Trying to connect it all together into an effective, and balanced strategy can be tough if you aren’t completely updated on everything SEO.

Through MTL Outrank, we do it all for you. Once you have signed up for one of our packages, we help you with keywords, provide recommendations, and even place orders for you so that you are all set!

This is the closest you can achieve to managed SEO (without any magic of course). You’ll know exactly what you get.


A Well-Built Strategy

A well-built strategy involves multiple aspects, and with these packages, we do it all for you. Each Package includes the following:

MTL Press – Our service allows you to get lots of diversified natural links from authority sources. Plus, you need to round out your no-follow diversity in your profile if you are lacking. They help prevent Penguin Penalties.

MTL Combo – An MTL Platinum+, Results+, or Mini+ is a great way to diversify your profile with strong web 2.0 style links. We can use your secondary, LSI, focus keywords, or brand anchors with these packages to continue the diversification and your website relevant context.

MTL Blitz –This will provide you with high authority, DA, and permanent homepage links. MTL Blitz is great for increasing target properties with controlled anchor text.

MTL Guest Post – With every mega package, you get an array of true enterprise levels, manual and outreach guest posts. They are our best quality products. Just a couple of these pack a powerful jab with your links naturally sewn into the content.

Premium Service,
Bonuses, & More

With MTL Outrank, we can help you through everything. We will even place orders for you! You will have your very own account manager who is dedicated to your campaign success.

The MTL Outrank lineup is made up of our flagship packages all rolled into one. These are the best of our products, all at a great discount.


How It Works

Step 1
Purchase Montreal Outrank Package

Purchase one of our MTL Outrank Packages and provide your basic website details. We can then begin investigating your campaign and schedule a strategy session to discuss your objectives.

Step 2
Consultation & Application

We will assign you a dedicated manager who will meet with you for an initial consultation. We shall coordinate objectives and will even place orders for you.

Step 3
White Label Reporting

Everything will be done by our amazing team in Montreal. We deliver 100% white label and clear reports which include all of the work we have done. Plus, rank tracking to show your progress.

Packages & Pricing

  • $2097
  • MTL Outrank | For Starters

    • For 1-2 URLs
      & 1 Secondary Property (Optional)
    • All Inclusive:
      1 x MTL Press + Boost
      1 x MTL Mini Plus+
      4 x DA10 Guest Posts + Boost
      1 x DA20 Guest Posts + Boost
      1 x MTL Blitz 5
    • Retail Cost: $1343
      Save Over $300!
  • $4197
  • MTL Outrank | Medium Competition

    • For 2-3 URLs
      & 1 Secondary Property (Optional)
    • All Inclusive:
      1 x MTL Press + Boost
      1 x MTL Results Plus+
      5 x DA10 Guest Posts + Boost
      2 x DA20 Guest Posts + Boost
      2 x DA30 Guest Posts + Boost
      1 x MTL Blitz 10
    • Retail Cost: $2689
      Save Nearly $700
  • $8397
  • MTL Outrank | High Competition

    • For 3-4 URLs
      & 1 Secondary Property (Optional)
    • All Inclusive:
      1 x MTL Press + Boost
      1 x MTL Platinum Plus+
      13 x DA10 Guest Posts + Boost
      4 x DA20 Guest Posts + Boost
      2 x DA30 Guest Posts + Boost
      1 x MTL Blitz 20
    • Retail Cost: $5402
      Save Over $1400!


The Mega package works for how many clients all together?
Typically, the Mega package is meant for one client. However, the only real requirement is that it all be for the same niche.

Is this a monthly commitment?
Not at all! This package is a-la-carte and there are no monthly recurring fees. However, we do favor on-going link building. Typically, SEO is not a ‘one-and-done’ kind of thing.

What type of research/consulting for you do for the MEG package?Once you sign up, we do a competition analysis, keyword research, and we make on-site recommendations if needed. We show you how we plan on building links so that you can attain optimal results.

May I substitute out Blitz links or guest posts for something else?
We can’t substitute out links our change our packages. However, the packages are created with a certain strategy in mind. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or concerns so we can better work with your needs.

Are there any available discounts?
Yes, of course! The discount is included in your package. Buying this many links at a normal price is 30%+ more. You save $400 to $1,500 (or more) by buying our MEGA package.

What niches/keywords do you not accept?
We cannot accept gambling, adult, pharma, guns, or foreign keywords for the MEGA packages. We can do local SEO. But we may not be able to get perfect match anchors on guest posts because many websites don’t allow cityname+keyword type anchors (but, we can show you a workaround).