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Meet Mattertag™ Posts

Mattertag Posts turn Spaces into a multimedia hub. They’re anchored to points in the 3D model data, so you’re able to add descriptions and embed almost anything – like additional photos, video, or audio files – right in your 3D Space.

This turns Spaces into a powerful tool for communicating with remote stakeholders, property buyers, prospective lessees, or global audiences.

Why You'll Love Mattertag Posts

Mattertag Content is simple, sleek, and powerful. Like everything Matterport, it’s easy to create dynamic, informative, and intuitive experiences by embedding text descriptions, video, audio, photos, and more, right in your 3D Spaces.


Low-profile design

Be informative, without interrupting the navigation or visual experience. With multimedia content support, you’re able to embed videos, audio files, photos, and content from over 200 platforms.

Easy to create

Annotate and edit right from our browser-based Workshop editor. Embedding multimedia content like audio and video files is as easy as copying and pasting a link.

Enhanced engagement

Drive deeper, longer engagement and boost return visits. Turn your Spaces into a complete storytelling tool with helpful descriptions and embedded content, right where your visitors need it most.

How it’s done

Mattertag Posts are in the field