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Is It Mandatory To Have Instagram as a Marketing Tool in 2018?

As of 2017, there were 800 million Instagram users and that number continues to go up.

That means that it’s possible to reach out to millions of users through the app. Businesses and companies realized the potential long ago. Now, thousands of them are also using the platform to connect with customers.

In response, the social media made a few adjustments to accommodate these accounts. Today, there are several features that marketers can utilize for promoting businesses.

But how effective is Instagram as a marketing tool for a real estate business?

Let’s explore Instagram and its uses, and we’ll learn if it’s an effective tool for you as well.


You Reach the Mobile Crowd

There are over 2.53 billion smartphone users worldwide as of 2018. As Instagram is one of the top photo-sharing apps in the world, you have the potential to tap into this number.

Seeing as almost everyone in your target market has a smartphone, social media platforms are now some of the most popular of marketing. Marketers now use Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram to engage with the users.


Instagram as a marketing tool


Instagram can capture a huge percentage of smartphone users as it’s available on major operating systems: Android, Apple, and Windows 10 Mobile. Instagram has a website, but almost every user handles their account through the app.

And because their mobile phones are a huge part of their lives, customers are more susceptible to advertisements. They are also receptive to the brands’ messages in social media, which makes Instagram as a marketing tool effective.

Instagram also makes it that the advertisements do not intrude the user experience. So people will likely continue to use it, which means they can continue to see your brand.


It’s a Visual Tool

Want your customers to recognize your brand? First, speak their language.

Nowadays, people use visuals as a major form of communication. You may notice that emojis are now replacing actual words. People also now look to YouTube to provide entertainment and information.

Businesses dumping millions of dollars into visual marketing is evidence that it is more effective in luring customers than a wall of text.

In this era where people are always eager to learn more, time is a hindrance. This is why Instagram as a marketing tool is effective – a single photo or video can relay a message in an instant.

People can and will scroll through text-heavy posts on other social media accounts. But because Instagram focuses on visuals, advertisement campaigns can connect with more users.


There’s a Strong Focus on User-Generated Content

Instagram is a social media platform, which means that most of its users are regular people. These people are responsible for most of the content uploaded. Even most celebrities use it to share snippets of their personal lives with their fans.

This promotes trust and closeness between each user. Communicating via posts or Instagram Stories nurtures an authentic connection with customers. This then increases consumer trust leading to sales.


Instagram as a marketing tool infographic



Brands can also use user-generated content to create a personalized approach to marketing. You can now make your customers deliver your message by encouraging them to create content about your brand.

Using the users’ stories can benefit you as well. Sharing the customers’ experiences is a marketing tactic that many companies use.


Builds Your Brand’s Personality

We’ve discussed that visual is a form of communication and it can deliver a message with a glance. This is also why you can convey what your brand is all about through your profile.

Does your brand love colors? Do you want people to see that you’re relatable? Or do you want to express that you’re all about fun and making friends?

Whatever your brand’s personality is, you can build it through Instagram.

Users can then see your nature by looking at your content. They will feel more at ease as if you’re someone that they know in person.

When you let people take a peek at your brand, you encourage them to engage with you.


Understand How to Manage Your Brand's Reputation


Instagram as a Marketing Tool Is Great for Link-Building

Instagram offers Carousel ads. This allows businesses to promote ads with multiple photos and videos. But the most useful aspect of it is the call-to-action (CTA) option.

Photo and video teasers can lead to a CTA at the end to get users to your website or account or to download an app.

Even without ads, you can use Instagram to direct people back to your website. Corporate accounts usually put a link to their website in their bio. When users visit their account, they are likely to follow the link to learn more about the brand.

The hashtag feature is excellent for attracting customers. Hashtags are like keywords you put in your posts. Anyone who then searches for that keyword might end up in your account.

Sounds familiar? Because that’s exactly how SEO works.


Great Resource for User Feedback

Because Instagram is full of UGC, it’s a good platform to see what customers are saying about you. Yes, you do want Google reviews but you also get to respond to feedback on social media platforms too. This includes Instagram.

The comment section is the best way to see what people think of your brand or your content. Users can even comment on the ads, so businesses can see how they liked it or not.

Marketers also use hashtags to see if public posts may have mentioned their brand. Was a particular user happy about a product? Or were they upset about the kind of service they experienced?

Instagram is also helping users get instant feedback on the Instagram Stories feature. Anyone can put a Poll sticker on any post and all viewers have to do is click an option. You can use this for something as simple as getting a Yes or No answer from your followers.


Let a Professional Help

Want to maximize the use of Instagram as a marketing tool? Talk to a professional instead. We know the recent trends and proven strategies to get more engagement. Followers can translate to leads and these can translate to sales.

Give us a visit to learn more about how you can use the internet to market your real estate business. Learn other tricks and see the latest trends!

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