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Influencer Marketing 101: How To Work With Influencers

The use of celebrities to promote different products is not a new or revolutionary concept. But, with the rise of social media, there is a new face of advertisement: the “social media influencer.”

Influencer marketing seeks to utilize the following that these influencers have to promote a company’s product. With influencers, it is much easier to reach a target audience to promote your product to exactly who you want to.

Do you want to take full advantage of influencers promoting your product? If so, you may want to use various different approaches when working with them. Here are just a few strategies for working with influencers so both parties gain from the collaboration.


1. Sponsored Blog Posts

Sponsored blog posts are limited to bloggers. Yet, this is one form of influencing that can be very helpful for product promotion.

Essentially, you’ll ask a blogger to write candidly about your product and post it on their blog. Then, your product will receive significant attention and also an honest review.

This blogger that you sponsor also has the ability to include links to your website that will most likely increase traffic. These links can help bring in new customers and boost product purchases.

Keep in mind that the influencer you sponsor must comply with FTC guidelines. He or she should also make a note that your brand sponsored the post, even if the opinions are his/her own.


2. Guest Posts

In the same vein, some bloggers may even allow you, or a representative of your company, to write a post about your products on their site.

At first, it may seem tough to find an influencer that will allow you to take up space on their blog. Yet, it’s not impossible so long as you approach them with content that matches their quality. At that point, your guest post will establish your product with the influencer’s stamp of approval.

Once you upload your guest post, you will receive significant attention from that influencer’s audience. This audience will read through your post and learn about your product. For maximum potential, make sure to write a guest post on blogs that are within the same field as your product.

Guest posts have a solid history of success. For instance, Bryan Harris, the founder of VideoFruit, saw a sharp increase of his page views and customers with just a single guest post.


3. Gifting and Product Reviews

Did you find an influencer that has followers with many of your potential customers? If so, it is ideal to begin building a solid rapport with them through gifting. By gifting these influencers your products or services, they will be more inclined to partner with you in the future.

Once you specify which products you would like the influencer to review and gift it to them, the influencer can speak on his/her accounts candidly about the product. This information will bring significant amounts of attention and customers to your product, so long as the reviews are positive.

Even when it comes to customers that may not follow the influencers you partner with, a simple search on that influencer’s website will lead a potential customer to the product review. As most Americans research their products before purchasing, having as many reviews out there will ultimately help your product’s chances in the market.

With every good review that you have on the internet, your company’s reputation will continue to improve. Don’t be afraid of letting various influencers speak truthfully about the quality of your products.


4. Giveaways

Who doesn’t love free stuff? If you want to expose more customers to your brand, it may be good to give them a free trial of your products first. That’s exactly what a giveaway with your influencer partner will do.

Giveaways have been a growing trend in influencer marketing because of the attention that they bring to both the influencer and the company. Whenever an influencer has consistent giveaways on their social media accounts, they gain more and more followers as more people are looking to get in on the free gifts.

Companies also benefit significantly from giveaways in two ways. The most obvious way is that when a potential customer wins a giveaway, he/she is getting a free trial of your product and may be convinced to buy more.


influencer marketing


Giveaways also bring attention to your product as the influencer will discuss the product that the giveaway is based around and talk it up. Giving away a few free samples of your product for intense coverage seems like a no-brainer.

There are a few tips to follow when participating in a breakaway. First, make sure to give something of value that will actually be interesting to the audience. Also, make sure to listen to the influencer’s feedback about what products may receive the most attention and what may be a wasted opportunity. Ultimately, influencers know their audience members (and their interests) better than anyone else.


Do You Want to Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a growing field of marketing and is one that every growing company should try to take full advantage of. If you’re ready to start, now is a great time to explore the possibilities.

If you need help with influencer marketing, or for marketing help in general, be sure to visit our website. We publish articles every day that will provide a solid guide to how you can bring more attention to your brand through various marketing platforms and strategies.


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