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How to Increase Visibility on Google Maps Using 360 Virtual Tour

You probably have a comprehensive marketing strategy for your brand. But does your marketing plan include Google Maps?

One of the most prevalent marketing and local SEO trends is ‘Google Maps Marketing.’

Google Maps marketing helps to increase visibility on Google Maps and on the Google Local 3-Pack. When increasing local SEO, utilizing Google Maps is key when your customers are trying to find your business.

But where do you begin? How do you land your business on Google Maps? And how can you use Google Maps to increase visibility?

Here’s how you utilize Google Maps marketing so customers can easily find you.


Use the 360 Virtual Tour Feature

When you increase visibility for your company, a key factor is using the 360 virtual tour feature on Google Maps.

This feature helps increase value for your brand; customers can search your business and be able to see your lovely store or office before they even set foot.


increase visibility 360 virtual tour


This way, they become more comfortable knowing where you are and what your brand is about.

Customers not only access your store from online, they can do so at any day or time.


Customers are Finding Businesses on Google Maps

Has there been a time when you tried to find a business? Or wanted to shop locally?

Maybe you drove to the local trendy part of town. Or maybe you visited a friend’s business. But you probably find yourself opening up the Google Maps app and searching a keyword.

Statistics show customers are using Maps to find businesses during 44% of their searches, and Google Maps was the most used smartphone app in 2013.

Google has made it convenient for customers to search for businesses in their area.

They can always find your business through your website or social media, but customers are usually searching Google Maps to discover what’s close to them.


Benefits of Claiming Your Business

Established businesses are automatically added to Google’s local directory. But utilizing SEO strategies such as the 360 virtual tour requires you to claim your business.


increase visibility GMB

Click the picture to get started!


What are the benefits of claiming your business on Google? Adding your business information, address, phone number, and social media help boost branding for your image.

You can add your company’s logo and photos of your business to further increase visibility and credibility.

If your business is new, don’t wait for Google to find your business. Immediately add your business to Google’s local directory.


Google Local 3-Pack

The best way for customers to view your company on Google is by utilizing the Google local 3-pack.

What does this mean? If customers search a term when finding a business, three results will come up. Your goal is to be one of those businesses that appear.


increase visibility google 3 pack


When your business is on the 3-pack, you increase SEO while improving your company’s visibility.

The reason why is simple: customers aren’t scrolling through several pages to find what they want. They want immediate results and will act on them.


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This List is Rotating — Increase Your Chances with the 360 Virtual Tour

Let’s say a customer searches for a term, your business appears in the 3-pack, and they select your business.

When someone selects your business in maps, they have several options: they can save your business, share with a friend, view your address and phone number, view store times, read reviews, and can look at your photos.

Most businesses settle with uploading photos of their storefront, logo, and maybe a few products.

But using the Virtual 360 Tour helps to make your company stand out. Customers can receive the experience of being in your store before even stepping foot in your business.

This helps your customer immediately feel connected with your brand.


Why is the 360 Virtual Tour Feature So Important?

Google is one of the most trusted names. If Google places your business on the map, customers will know to trust your brand.

Using Google Maps’ 360 virtual tour feature helps establish credibility for your business.

Customers don’t find businesses through word-of-mouth or by driving around as much as they did — they’re looking to the internet to shop and find recommendations.

When you engage with Google, customers will engage with you. Offering features such as a 360 virtual tour tell customers: ‘I want you here. This is what I’m offering.’


How to Create the Google 360 Virtual Tour

So now you’re sold on utilizing Google’s 360 virtual tour for your company. But how do you create this tour and upload it to Google?

It sounds difficult, but it’s easier than you would expect.

First, you find a Google trusted photographer. You use photographers local to your area. When you receive the photos, you upload them through the app or edit your profile online.

Are you a business-owner on a budget? With a DSLR and a little bit of photography and photo editing skills, you can create your own Google 360 virtual tour.

Seamlessly take pictures of your business, which requires taking several shots from all angles. Use imaging software to blend or attach the images together.


You Can Connect the Google 360 Tour with Your Website and Social Media

Let’s say your company appears on the Google Local 3-Pack and you’re utilizing the 360 virtual tour, but you want to increase visibility even further.

If you don’t think that’s enough, you can add the 360 virtual tour to your website and even your company’s Facebook page.

When you click on the tour, you will see three dots that appear to your left. Click the dots and select ‘share or embed image.’

Choose the size that best suits your website (you can even create a customized size) and copy the embed code. Paste it into your blog or where you insert codes, depending on the type of website you have.

You follow this same process for Facebook; however, you have to select the pre-set ‘medium’ size.


Time to Increase Visibility with Google 360 Virtual Tour

Customers are using Google Maps to find business, and this trend will only continue to increase. To be sure your business is found, it’s smart to utilize all local business features that Google Maps has to offer.

To help increase visibility, use the Google 360 virtual tour feature. This helps boost SEO and will add to your branding experience.

Montreal business can get their Google 360 virtual tour started with our services.


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