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How To Harness The Power of Facebook Messenger Marketing

Are you curious about what Facebook Messenger can do for your marketing?

A lot of people assume that the messenger app through Facebook is simply a tool users rely on to communicate with other users. In their eyes, this has nothing whatsoever to do with marketing.

But actually, you can leverage a variety of your marketing efforts through the Facebook messaging app alone.

This is especially the case given the fact that over 1 billion people use Facebook’s messaging app every month. That’s over 70 million people a day!

If you’re ready to harness the immense power of Facebook Messenger marketing, read on for detailed insight.


1. Know the Stats

If you’re still skeptical about what Facebook Messenger marketing can do for your company, it’s time to sit with some serious statistics.


The Messaging App Industry is Rising

You’re already familiar with the number of users who access Facebook messenger each month. But let’s talk about trends within the messaging app industry itself.

People are actually relying on messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber more than they are using social media itself.

In fact, messaging apps are just plain bigger than networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.


Messaging Apps Are Intimate

You could spend all day speculating about why the app industry is sky-rocketing.

But on a very basic level, messaging apps get rid of news feeds and shares. They enable users simply to communicate privately or in select groups with each other.

This type of communication is valuable on hundreds of levels. In many ways, it’s like texting.

And a lot of people would prefer to text or type than get on the phone with someone.


It’s Another Communication Option

When it comes to the corporate world, messaging apps give businesses a chance to engage with their customers through another channel besides phone and email.

This is highly convenient for users who don’t want to be on hold all day and want to take care of matters from their desktop computer at work.

Knowing the stats on messaging app use is enlightening because it helps you tap into a vibrant, expansive network.

It grows your market and gives you access to consumers in a fresh, engaging, and entirely trending way.


2. Give a Voice to Your Business Profile

There are a few things to tackle before you plunge into marketing through Facebook Messenger.


Beef Up Your Profile

If you haven’t already, make sure you set up a business profile on Facebook. It’s easy to do and an essential component of Facebook Messenger marketing.

If you’re going to be communicating with customers through Facebook’s messenger app, you’ve got to get your customers to your profile page first!

Spend some time developing a robust Facebook profile.

Make sure you incorporate all of that essential information, including contact numbers and links, photos, and relevant posts.

Next, make sure you activate messaging capabilities through your Settings tab. You’ll also want to ensure that visitors can leave Facebook business reviews on your profile.

Once you have everything looking snazzy, it’s time to give a voice to your profile with Facebook Messenger marketing.


Facebook Messenger Lets You Talk

Thinking of Facebook messenger as a channel for you to express your business’s true voice is a valuable first step.

You’ll be less likely to just spam users with sales pitches and notices about promotions–things, by the way, that many users will ignore.

Facebook Messenger marketing is all about marketing, at the end of the day, and growing your customer base.

But it should also be about vocalizing what your business is all about: sharing news about events, bringing users in on the latest and greatest product, and listening to your customers.

Plus, when customers navigate to your business profile and see that they have the option of communicating directly with you, they’re more likely to linger.

They’ll view your business as accessible, authoritative, and personable.


3. Get Things Started With Ads

If you’re unsure how to actually initiate these conversations, start with the right kind of Facebook ads.

We’re not just talking about the ads that appear in Facebook’s news feed and margins.

There are actually two kinds of ads that involve Facebook messenger directly: sponsored messages and click-to-Messenger ads.


Sponsored Facebook Messages

Sponsored messages pretty much let you send a message to anyone who has a chat screen open with your page at that moment.

These are paid ads that will show up as “sponsored” in the user’s chat screen.

These ads can be about anything, from promotions and freebies to news about an upcoming event. Sponsored ads can also send users to your company’s website or urge them to start a conversation.


Click-to-Messenger Ads

The second kind of ads send clickers directly to a chat screen with your Facebook chatbot.

You’ll only be able to see content that the user shares once they take a certain action, like clicking a button or responding to a call to action.

With click-to-Messenger ads, you can even set up automated responses based off of what users may enter into the chat itself.


Using Both

You can set both types of ads up yourself through your Facebook business profile. The process can look a bit complicated at first, but Facebook lays out all of the steps quite clearly here.

Both of these ads give customers the option to engage in conversation with your representative chatbot (or yourself) in real time.

This one-on-one engagement is massively important when it comes to attracting customers and keeping the ones you already have.

The key here is to choose the right kind of ads that will generate the types of clicks you need to have conversations with your users.

You guessed it: this is where your digital marketing strategy will play a huge role!


4. Show Customers You’re Here to Help

Launch your Facebook Messenger marketing campaign with an offer to help your customers. This may seem like a baby step, but demonstrating your availability to your visitors is a key part of marketing.

Run a Facebook messaging ad campaign with a call to action that involves giving customers assistance.

For example: At Johnson Real Estate, we’re all about helping first-time homebuyers navigate their purchase. Click here for advice!

Send messages through the same ad campaign to people who have already messaged your profile. Offer your assistance with any new concerns and point them in the direction of something they may like.

This is especially useful when coordinated by your very own chat-bot (see step #6).

Offering to help is also non-intrusive marketing. It’s a way to strike up a conversation with a user and demonstrate an interest in their situation. What’s more, offers to help never look like ads!

Performing random check-ins with users about how they’re doing, depending on the service you offer, can go a long way in building your personality and transparency as a business.

Furthermore, who have this type of digital interaction with your business may be more responsive than if they were to receive an email message in their inbox.

They may actually take more initiative through Facebook messaging than they would over the phone.


5. Keep Users in the Know

Use Facebook messenger as a great channel to keep your followers informed about upcoming events, launches, and releases.

Facebook Messenger marketing is so effective in this way because such reminders have more intimacy than a general post shared with a broad audience.

Send out event reminders to your subscribers through Facebook messenger several days before the event itself (or launch, release, etc.). Send another reminder the day of, and check in with participants the day after the event.

Users will appreciate being kept in the know, but they’ll also prefer the intimacy of receiving a direct message from a company they’re already keen to follow.

And, once again, event reminders are non-intrusive forms of marketing. And users are all about marketing efforts that are friendly, subtle, and honest.

Lastly, events will give you a way to engage with your local customers through Facebook Messenger marketing.

You’ll personally be able to keep tabs on your local audiences and build your reputation as a community player.

What’s more, this goes hand in hand with local SEO strategies.


6. Share New Content

When you release a new blog post, you likely share this content with your subscribers through email updates and social media posts.

This is awesome–and you should keep on doing it because it works–but your Facebook Messenger marketing gives you yet another channel to deliver valuable content to your customers.

Whenever you have exciting new content to share, including webinars, e-books, articles, posts, and more, deliver this content to subscribers’ Facebook message inboxes.

You’ll find that the read rates of this type of content will be much higher than those from generic emails and other messages.

Once again, this is a testament to the fact that Facebook Messenger marketing is naturally more intimate and tailored to the individual user.


7. Implement Your Own Chatbot

It’s definitely possible to rely on Facebook’s standard chatbot to harness the power of Facebook Messenger marketing.

However, if you don’t feel like getting into some nitty-gritty coding, it’s definitely possible to implement your own tailored chatbot for users to engage with.

This may seem intimidating, but it’s worth an exploration if you want to take your Facebook Messenger marketing to the next level.

Check out ChatFuel, for example, for an easy way to build a chatbot that has all the capabilities you want in just a few minutes. You can get started with your chatbot construction for free!

Personalized chatbots can give users a more profound sense of your authenticity as a brand. They also will feel more like they are communicating directly with you rather than just through Facebook.


8. Make Messenger the Destination

One of the best ways to make the most of your Facebook Messenger marketing campaign is to craft your other digital marketing efforts with Messenger in mind.

This may mean building an ad campaign that works solely with click-to-Messenger ads. In this sense, you’ll be generating content that’s designed to start private conversations with users.

Maybe you even start up a traditional social media campaign that generates similar content across Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Invite viewers to start a conversation with you, either through your website’s chatbot or through Facebook Messenger.

The more that you can play up your ability to communicate with users through Facebook messenger, the greater your chances are at gathering more subscribers through the app itself.


9. Build Your Subscriber List

You can view all of your conversation contacts through Facebook messenger as subscribers. In this sense, you can effectively build your subscriber list by having conversations with users.

Don’t just let this list of subscribers fall through the cracks. Focus on building it, for one thing. This can be a great goal to set for a Facebook Messenger marketing campaign.

But actively use that subscriber list in the future. This may mean checking in on potential customers who have messaged you in the past. It may mean actively nurturing current leads.

It may even mean creating events or introducing product lines that directly cater to certain subscribers.

Whatever the case, treat this list of subscribers as valuable data. Even if you don’t have these subscribers’ email addresses, they are still leads, with a high potential for conversion.


10. Keep Track of Data

At the end of the day, the most successful Facebook Messenger marketing campaign keeps tabs on its data.

Keep track of your total number of subscribers, for one thing. Note the amount and type of subscribers you get from click-to-Messenger campaigns versus sponsored messages campaigns.

Pay attention also to what type of content compels users to strike up a conversation through Messenger. Note if any user has mentioned your company’s communication channels in your online reviews.

All of this data is essential in order to hone your campaign and get the results you want.

You may even want to consider sending sponsored messages that entail quick surveys. These surveys can give you a better idea of your customers’ needs.


Making the Most of Facebook Messenger Marketing

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), messaging apps are the future of digital marketing. A lot of business owners disregard the potential of Facebook Messenger marketing, but make it your priority today.

Launch your campaign by first establishing a solid Facebook business profile. Approach users through click-to-Messenger and sponsored ads.

Offer to help users with a problem or question, or deliver fresh content or event updates through Messenger.

You may even want to consider crafting your own chatbot through a trusted platform to give your conversations with customers a more personal flair.


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