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Has Facebook Advertising Cost Us The Power of Organic Reach?

Are you wondering if your Facebook ad costs are really worth it?

The amount that businesses spend on Facebook ads is growing year by year. And along with that, organic reach is decreasing. It seems impossible to get noticed without running a powerful Facebook ad campaign.

Brands who don’t know how to use Facebook’s paid and organic ad methods are going to get left behind. But what does this all mean for you and your real estate business? What’s more, is organic reach even still relevant?

Keep reading to find out if Facebook advertising costs us the power of organic reach.


Facebook Ads and How They Work

Facebook started as a social network with individual friends making up its user base. Pages were introduced to allow brands and companies to enter the network.

You can use your company’s page to market to users in a number of ways. For example, one social media marketing tool you can take advantage of is Facebook cover videos.

The core of the changes in organic reach, however, concern Facebook advertising campaigns. With a campaign, you create an ad (or multiple ads) and run them on the network to a targeted audience. You determine a budget, an objective, and a format such as a video or a photo, and then place your ad.

When it’s live, you can track its performance and edit the campaign. Facebook also provides insights and tools to show you how to run a better campaign and get more bang for your buck.


Facebook Advertising Cost, Benefits for Companies

Brands and publishers get a number of benefits from a Facebook advertising campaign if it’s done right. The cost of a campaign can be adjusted according to the company’s advertising budget and needs. Let’s look at some of the advantages a campaign has for a business.

Firstly, it increases page fans. This is how many people “like” and follow your page. These fans are then eligible to see your posts.

When you run an ad campaign, page clicks also go up. This is the number of important clicks on your page content. It shows people are engaging with the page and what you’re sharing.


Facebook advertising cost


You can pay per click, an amount that is usually measured in cents rather than dollars.

An increase in page impressions is another benefit to a successful campaign. Page impressions, which are actually content impressions, indicate how many times people have viewed your content. They count because they show that people are seeing your brand and its value.


Organic Reach and Its Decline on Facebook

Now that you know what paid ads can do, what about organic reach?

To put it simply, it measures how many people see your posts through unpaid distribution. Some business owners think that by creating a page and posting content, customers will automatically come. Sadly, Facebook doesn’t work like this.

Your Facebook advertising cost directly impacts how much you get out of Facebook overall.

On the other hand, paid ads have a limited lifespan. The great thing about organic reach is that this audience will continue to see your post. What’s more, they can share it, leading to further engagement.

Facebook itself admitted some time ago that organic reach on the platform was declining. This left many companies asking, does this mean that our Facebook advertising cost will increase?


Less ‘News’ in the News Feed

Another change that happened recently is even more dramatic. What will be shown on the platform is about to be overhauled.

Facebook is to show less content from brands and more from users’ friends. It’s going back to its origins as a place to interact with friends, not companies. This means that the brands who continue to use Facebook will be fighting for even less space.


How Brands and Publishers Should React

As a first step to analyzing your campaigns, look at how your Facebook advertising is doing. There is an Insights tab at the top of your page. The metrics that are displayed include your organic reach and engagement.

Remember, Facebook is about community. There is an easy way for your business to create one. Make an invite-only group for audience members that have engaged the most.

Or, join an active group that will benefit your business goals.

You don’t always have to use boosted posts or advertisements. You can set targeting parameters on your organic posts. This means setting it to be visible to a specific audience, using factors like age, location, or interest.

It seems like the opposite of what you’d expect, but running a few ads can actually increase your organic reach. The reach that you get organically can extend your posts’ lifecycle. It’s shown to more users and they interact with your content.

You’ve got to get tactical, however.

Before boosting a post, gain organic traction by sharing the post multiple times in different formats. Get in touch with influencers who can share it for you as well. If you can, post it on other pages, and share it in groups you belong to (once the groups relate to your business).

Narrow your targeted audience. You can choose people who have already engaged with your page, or use a “lookalike” audience. This reaches new people who are similar to an audience you’ve already saved.

Be sure to set the timing of your ads. You don’t want to promote or boost content at a time when no one is online. For example, if you’re targeting stay-at-home mothers, set your content to show during the daytime.


The Future of Facebook Advertising Cost and Organic Reach

Once you start tweaking your Facebook advertising cost and organic posts, keep testing them. Measure what’s working and use that information to improve. Always make sure you’re getting a return on your spending on the platform.

Facebook is a great marketing tool. However, it’s impossible to predict what will happen in the future with organic reach on the platform. In order to be successful, you’ve got to stay creative and continue to provide high-quality content.

Want to find out more about how you can improve your real estate company’s online presence? Check out our blog for great strategies on how to do things like drive more traffic to your site.


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