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Google Terminates DoubleClick and AdWords Brand Names

You may have noticed the frenzy that is occurring over Google’s re-branding announcement! If not, don’t worry, I have all of the details you need to know about Google’s new look for the DoubleClick and AdWords brands.

There is no surprise that Google could create such a stir as the search engine god earns 44% of the revenue of global online advertising. That’s a big deal as 86% of consumers are using the internet to find local businesses and there being 3.5 billion Google users PER DAY.

When Google makes a change in their algorithm, you hear about it, so are you surprised I’m writing this blog post right now?

If you are curious, keep reading to find out what Google has announced and what to expect from the powerhouse company in the near future.


What’s All The Hype?

In late June, Google announced that they are re-branding their advertising software by getting rid of the brand names of DoubleClick and AdWords.

The people at Google have explained that their prices will not change, the biggest transition will be in names and organization of their advertising products.

The tool used for buying ads will be referred to as Google Ads, where you can access inventory on Google Search, YouTube video services, Google Play, and 3 million partner properties. The default interface will function much more smoothly with a computerized power for designing ads and choosing their location.

The end goal is to make advertising offerings more efficient and effective. It will make it much easier for advertisers, publishers, and agencies to choose which products work best for them. They have even re-organized their products into three sections.

  1. Google AdWords will become Google Ads
  2. DoubleClick Advertiser products and Google Analytics 360 Suite will be integrated into Google Marketing Platform
  3. Double Click for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange will become integrated into a platform referred to as Google Ad Manager.


Google Ads

In 2000 with about 350 advertisers, AdWords was meant for running text ads on desktop searches. At the time, the product offered the highest technologically advanced components available, allowing any advertiser to easily create a flexible program that suited their online marketing and budget goals.

Today, it works with text, shopping, video, and app installment on many different platforms like YouTube, Maps, and Gmail.

Sidhar Ramaswamy, the head of ads and commerce at Google explained that part of the change is addressing the confusion of AdWords. It’s not just about words anymore, its much bigger than that, hence Google Ads.

The company is also coming out with Smart Campaigns for smaller businesses that don’t have the resources or time to manage a complicated digital advertisement campaign.


Google Marketing Platform

With DoubleClick Advertiser products and Analytics 360 working together under the Google Marketing Platform, it helps to plan, buy, measure, and optimize digital media, all in one place.

Many advertisers had started integrating the two products together themselves, and Google picked up on this. Now you can get the best of both worlds on one platform. Having your analytics and media platform together shows the best results!

Marketers can now analyze results, create audiences, and activate them without the hassle of jumping from one product to another.

Within the Google Marketing  Platform, Display & Video 360 strengthens Googles enterprise display advertising products, including DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Studio, and Google Audience Center 360.


DoubleClick and AdWords



Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager helps publishers to observe where people are engaging on the internet.  For example, through live streams, T.V, accelerated mobile pages, mobile games, other apps, and platforms like YouTube and Apple News.

Google’s new tool combines DoubleClick for publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange to create an even better tool.


What to Take From This

Don’t fear the change to come, Google will always have its users at the top of their priority list! With these new re-branding announcements, expect huge improvements in efficiency and ease as it will be much easier to find what you are looking for!

Let us know in the comments below what you think about Google’s new re-branding announcement? Are you stoked about the new change or scared?


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