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Chrome 86 Update: Everything You Need to Know

Attention! Attention! Google Chrome is coming out with their Chrome 86 update on July 1st, 2018.

Continue reading to learn how Google’s new update will affect both your website and business.

As 75% of internet traffic uses Google Chrome, Google wants to do everything possible to keep their users safe and enhance their experience.

So, get ready because this update will mean that any unsecured website will be penalized.


Chrome 86 update SSL required


So, What is The Chrome 86 Update?

Once the Chrome 86 update is put into place, all websites that¬†do not have an SSL certificate will be identified, in red, as ‘Not Secured’.

In other words, all websites NEED an SSL certificate.


Chrome 86 update unsecured page


Why Should I Care About Google’s New Update?

Any Business that has a website should care about their website security, even without the new Chrome 86 update.

Why? Because a secure website ensures better SEO and visibility. Search engine users are more inclined to click on your page and stay on it if it has HTTPS in the URL.

With so many hackers and scams, it is more than necessary to watch out for websites that could bring on malware, allow hackers to take personal information, or even lock into a computer or mobile device’s camera.

People are worried because there is already so much evidence of people getting hacked because they have used a website that is unsecured or that has an expired SSL certificate.



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Although you may not intentionally harm your site visitors, hackers are good at what they do and can easily get through a website without an SSL certificate.

Furthermore, HTTPS is faster, performs better, and is, of course, more secure! This means that your site visitor’s overall user experience is much better.

And, as I have mentioned before, a secure website helps with building trust with people which means a higher chance of conversions and money in your pocket!

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