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facebook cover videos

How to Include Facebook Cover Videos in SMM Strategy

It kind of goes without saying that everyone has heard of Facebook.With over 1.9 billion users per month, it's a staple in the average person's day-to-day activities.It's important for businesses to keep up with all of the changes on this ever-growing social network.Facebook Cover Videos are one of the newest of these changes. Mark Zuckerberg claimed that soon, videos would be the main way people take in new content.With this addition, it seems he's trying to push for that eventuality. People are already having a lot of fun with sprucing up their page by sharing videos.But how can this help a business and its social media marketing...

virtual home tours

7 Stats That Will Make You Rethink Virtual Home Tours

With online businesses booming, it's no surprise that many of them are taking advantage of digital platforms to advance their sales. Real estate is no exception. Finding tools to help increase your sales and your web traffic is not easy. One great option is using virtual tours alongside your property listings. But will using virtual home tours really help your business? The answer to that is a resounding yes. But don't just take our word for it. Check out these incredible stats that will convince you that virtual tours are a key tool for selling homes. 1. 79% of Repeat Home Buyers and 84% of First Time Home Buyers Use...

seo visibility

5 Google+ Tricks for Improving Local SEO Visibility

4 out of 5 people find the local business they need through an online search. 50% of people who visited a businesses website visit that store within 24 hours.  With the Digital Transformation of business, the online presence of a brick-and-mortar store is more important than ever. Navigating the difficult world of SEO visibility, content marketing, and customer engagement can be tricky. If you have a Google+ account for your business that isn't working hard enough for you, here are 5 tricks to increase its productivity.  Keeping reading to master that Google+ account! 1. Control the Comments Increasing customer engagement is always an important part of enhancing your online presence. If...

Local SEO

Everything You Need to Know About Local SEO

More than 85 percent of customers use search engines to find local products and services. For business owners, this is simply a crystal indication that the internet offers an opportunity to grow your business.As such, you need a robust online marketing strategy to improve your online presence and make your business stand out in the SERPs. One of the effective approaches you can start utilizing now is local SEO.Local SEO is typically an online marketing approach for optimizing your website to target local customers. This technique allows potential clients and customers to easily find your business online in SERPs, social media, and business listing services.In...

google maps marketing

How to Create a Google Maps Marketing Strategy

Many consumers are looking for brick and mortar businesses online.  People search for anything from local restaurants, to brand name shops, to company specifics like hours and distance.  It is no surprise one of the main search engines for this is Google Maps. People want to search for what is relevant. They want it to be close to where they are, or where they plan to be.  Google Maps shook the online marketing world when it focused on the amount of search results offered to users. Its list went from showing seven results to only three, in efforts to improve the user experience.  This makes the Google Maps marketing...

Virtual Tour Provider

Why Your Business Should Hire a Virtual Tour Provider

Could your small business use a 41% boost to your in-store visits? What about 44% more web traffic? It definitely couldn't hurt! Google has created a new tool for businesses that does the above, and more.Google's indoor street view or business virtual tour is the newest marketing miracle. A virtual tour provider will do all the work of creating a tour for you, while you sit back and watch your profits increase.If you're interested in the benefits above, keep reading to find out how it works! What is a Google Virtual Tour? Sometimes called inside street view, Google's virtual tours let you stay open 24/7. Google handpicks...

real estate virtual tour

5 Ways to Enhance Your Real Estate Virtual Tour

Do you offer virtual tours when listing a home? If you don't, you're undermining your real estate success! More than 40% of buyers say that virtual tours are useful when purchasing a home. Virtual tours give your listing that wow factor that buyer's seek. It also makes your listing much more personal. These tours give buyers a sneak peak of a home, allowing them to determine their interest level.With time, virtual tours have become more common. This means that competing agents are also using virtual tours. Now is the time to find ways to make your virtual tour unlike any others!Want to enhance your real estate...

Local SEO Strategies

6 Local SEO Strategies to Drive More Traffic

It's one of the biggest questions a small business owner deals with: How to get more clients or customers?Traditional marketing has a place but it also has a cost.The easiest and most cost-effective action a business can take is the management of their online presence.By utilizing proper search engine optimization (otherwise known as SEO), you take control over search engine result pages (SERPs.) This is the process by which Google ranks you in their search engine.Instead of chasing a client-base, you ensure your visibility when they seek your services. Consider how high your conversion rates will be when the potential client is the active seeker.With that...

Google Street View

How to Embed Google Street View in Your Website

We live in a world in which it's possible to find out almost anything about a business without setting foot outside of our homes. Thanks to tools like Google My Business, people can easily find their favorite business's addresses and hours of operation.Now, however, people expect to find more than addresses and hours of operation. New technology has made virtual tours a reality, so businesses need to be ready to make use of them.As luck would have it, Google Street View has already made the incorporation of external virtual tours easy for businesses. Adding a street view of your business is as easy as embedding...

Google Maps Street View

7 Benefits of Google Maps Street View for Your Business

Did you know Google Maps offers you a lot more features than directions? (Especially if you're a business owner.)This particular feature helps to build trust with your customers. It creates a better connection with your target audience. Both of which potentially increases your ROI.What we're talking about is your standard business image taken to the next level: Google Maps street view.This feature allows your customers to take a virtual tour around (and inside!) your business.Customers can get excited about the restaurant atmosphere before walking through the doors....

Facebook Business Reviews

How to Manage and Respond to Facebook Business Reviews

With the internet at everyone's fingertips 24/7, our digital culture allows for a sharing of opinions like never before.Arguably the top social sharing site with over 1.94 billion users, Facebook business reviews can make or break your business' reputation.So how do you manage and respond to the community's opinions, good and bad?That's exactly what we're discussing in this article. Read on for more. Facebook Business Reviews: To Respond or Not To Respond? That Is The Question This answer is much simpler than Hamlet's famous soliloquy. When it comes to Facebook business reviews, always respond.Respond to the good, the bad, and especially the really bad. Facebook is about as public of a forum as you can get,...

Google Reviews

How to Encourage Customers to Write Google Reviews

Reviews are the lifeblood of business.Nearly 90% of consumers consider reviews before buying, even from local businesses.Consumers today give an online review as much power in their decision-making process as a personal recommendation from a close friend.As business leaders, we often think of reviews as a very natural process. If you provide exceptional service, won't you get stellar reviews? But unfortunately, it doesn't often play out like that.Find out how to get more of those great Google reviews that you know that your business deserves with these important tips. Why the Odds Are Not in Your Favor Only 1 in 10 consumers regularly post reviews. And yet 70% will...