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8 Reasons Posting Ads on Facebook Is So Powerful

If your business isn’t on Facebook, you might as well not be in business. That’s how powerful this social media platform has become in every industry. One of the most important things to master to achieve the best results is posting ads on Facebook.

Research shows that 51% of businesses don’t have social media advertising budgets. If you’re in this number, you’re losing business to the 49% of businesses that do and that are using their dollars effectively to reach customers on Facebook.

Posting ads on Facebook is a nearly foolproof way to generate leads. Here’s a rundown of 8 reasons posting ads on Facebook is so powerful.

Let’s dive in!


1. When Posting Ads on Facebook, You Can Create and Save Your Audience

What are your number-one customers’ demographics? If you know this information for your business, you can easily use it to develop a saved Facebook audience for your Facebook campaign. In this way, you can reach consumers who will likely buy your services.

Facebook is so powerful because it allows you to define your company’s audience according to factors such as demographics, gender, age, location, behaviors, and interests. And when you make any changes in any of these areas, your possible reach will change accordingly.

For the best results, it’s a good idea to target tens of thousands of people on Facebook, as your true reach may end up being several thousand consumers.


2. Target Locals

Dominating your local market is essential for achieving the sales you want. This is another reason why posting ads on Facebook is such a smart move: You have multiple choices for targeting your local area’s audiences.

After you’ve created and saved your audience, you can move forward with local targeting through Facebook’s Locations section.

Here, you have four options, you can target:

  • everybody in a certain location
  • those living in a certain location
  • those who were in a certain location recently
  •  those who have traveled to this particular location but reside somewhere else

These local targeting options are all based on users’ Facebook locations as well as their mobile device locations.


Posting ads on Facebook


Next, Facebook will let you add a specific country, state, province, city, congressional district and zip code. You can even include only those cities with certain population counts as part of your targeted marketing strategy.


3. Create a Custom Audience

Another reason for posting ads on Facebook is that you can develop your own social media audience using your existing customers’ phone numbers and email addresses. Then, you can target your ads to these customers. Or, you could even target your advertising to individuals who have not interacted with your business yet.

You can’t get any more specific than that.

You can find the button to create your custom audience on Facebook’s Audiences page. Facebook will simply use your customers’ phone numbers and email addresses to match these data with its own users.

Keep in mind, though, that your custom audience has to match a minimum of 1,000 users on Facebook for it to be used in ads.


4. You Can Easily Remarket

If visitors have completed certain actions while on your  company’s website, don’t ignore them. Instead, chase after them — of course, in a non-threatening way.

That’s where Facebook comes in.

With Facebook’s help, you can create a tracking code and add it to certain pages of your business website that Facebook users go to when they visit your site. In this way, you can define your business’s custom audience according to website activity.


posing ads on Facebook


For instance, you may include — or even exclude — all site visitors who have gone to certain pages, spent certain amounts of time on the site, or completed the particular events you’re tracking for 180 days or less.

This is a perfect way to further refine your business’s audience and avoid missed sales opportunities.


5. You Can Reconnect

Just as you can target ads to Facebook users who have visited your website, you can also target those who have interacted with your Facebook page events.

Simply narrow down your audience to anybody who has responded to an event with “Interested” or “Going.” You can choose a single event or even multiple events to create a custom audience to target with ads.


6. Pinpoint a Lookalike Audience

So, you have some well-thought-out custom audiences. Now, you can create a lookalike audience.

A lookalike audience is similar to the custom audience of your real estate business customers, those who have gone to your website or those who have interacted with your company’s Facebook page.

The whole point of having a lookalike audience is that you can use it to target Facebook ads with similar goals to possible customers, visitors to your website and those who engage with your Facebook page content.


7. Use Emojis

Facebook is a must-have marketing platform because people like to use it to connect with others on an emotional level.

Thus, it may come as no surprise that according to research, the most successful business Facebook ads feature emojis in them. Emojis are so effective because they often convey meaning and emotion more effectively than text can.

What does this mean for your business? It means you should incorporate emojis in your Facebook ads. Believe it or not, a little smiley face may mean the difference between making a sale or not making one.


8. Photos

As you know, a picture truly is worth 1,000 words. The same is true when it comes to advertising on Facebook. That’s why posting photo-filled Facebook ads is a must for any business.

Research shows that ads featuring several photos — specifically, albums featuring at least five photos — increase Facebook ads’ relevancy scores and click-through rates.

A high-quality photo will grab Facebook users’ attention quicker than anything else can while they’re looking through their Facebook newsfeeds. And that is critical for promoting your brand.

With pictures that appeal your target audience and feature bright colors, you will stand out for all of the right reasons.


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