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Local SEO Solutions: 6 Tricks to Get More Traffic

Small business owners, we need to talk about something. One particular focus that we should all share has begun to fade away into the digital marketing trenches.

That focus is generating traffic. “What?”, you may ask. “Generating traffic is our whole purpose for using SEO practices.”

Very commonly, we see marketers put too much emphasis on keyword rankings and not traffic. Yes, higher rankings are what we often need to lead us to higher traffic.

But, rankings alone won’t dictate the success of local SEO. You can be the highest ranking keyword, but still, generate way less traffic per month.

Instead, focus on accumulating traffic through a variety of local SEO solutions. Here are our 6 tricks for increasing your monthly visitors.


1. Infographics

65% of your audience are visual learners. They prefer (and comprehend better) when their information is broken down by image or graphics.

Often, the information you’re conveying is complicated to a new reader or customer. So, having that visual aid helps them understand the material much easier.percent of people who are visual learners

Plus, for you, this technique will send your traffic through the roof. That’s because you’re able to create organic backlinks through these infographics.

What kind of material should you cover? Look for what’s trendy or controversial right now. Do some research on what topics are frequently discussed currently.

If you want to earn brownie points, add a column near the bottom of the graphic for social shares. Also, you should definitely embed a code that your reader is able to copy and paste.


2. Use Those Titles and Meta Descriptions Wisely

These HTML elements allow you to give a preview of what’s on your web page. Often times, companies blow their chances of getting people to click on their site.

They add too many unnecessary characters, most typically. You only need a brief phrase or, few words to sum up the content.

In the past year, Google expanded the width of the area search results displayed.

So, keeping up with that, you now should keep your title to 50 to 60 characters. Then, your description text can range from 160 to 200 characters.

These descriptions may seem small in scale, but they make a world of difference. What if your description isn’t compelling, educational, or distinct enough? Your reader will go elsewhere.

Make sure you remove any characters that don’t directly contribute to the page’s content.


3. Google My Business

This is another one of our local SEO solutions that you absolutely have to take advantage of. It’s a free service, so there is no reason to avoid claiming your business on Google.

To claim your company, click here. From there, they’ll send you a postcard with a pin on it. The business owner will have to go onto Google’s Business platform and log in.

Once you claim your site, it’s time to optimize. The end goal would be to show up in that little box that contains 3 primary listings.

The best way to optimize your listing is to fill it out with as much information as you can. Include an address, phone number, average price, description, etc.

If you don’t have a tangible location, or you’re a service company, don’t worry. You have the choice to not display your address.


4. Online Directories

Speaking of Google My Business, we have to mention some other online directories. (Google My Business is just far too important to not mention alone.)

It’s likely there are several decent online directories in your city where you can be listed.

We recommend checking your local media organizations or even the Chamber of Commerce. But, do your research and find as many other directories in your area to use.

Also, make sure you’re getting onto consumer-driven sites, such as Yelp. (Scary — we know! But, we’ll get into this later.)

Lastly, make sure you’re on the data aggregators such as Factual and Infogroup. These citation sites are what supply search engines with their local information.

These aggregators pull from massive databases. These databases collect information from directories, records, yellow page, etc.


5. Schema Markup

This may be one of the trickier local SEO solutions, but it’s well worth it. Structured data, or schema markup, involves embedding code into your website.

These codes will help search engines pick up general information about your business. It also can detect your products, reviews, etc.

This is a great tool to be used because less than 32% of businesses are taking advantage. The ones that do use this strategy usually don’t elaborate on it as much as they could, either.

Coding is downright scary to some, but the right tools can help you get off the ground. After all, search engines prefer sites who use structured data.

It provides them with an easier to comprehend examination of your site. You’re more likely to get picked up by Google, Bing, and Yahoo with these markups.


6. Reviews

Did we say coding was scary? Ah, well we didn’t mention it gets worse. Yes, it’s unsettling how people can tarnish your name on the web.

But, the reward outweighs the risk. By not making room for online reviews, you’re losing serious business.

Did you know that 90% of people check for online reviews before visiting a company? More importantly, 88% of people trust these reviews as they would a recommendation from friends.


local seo solutions yelp review


Focus heavily on your Google and Facebook reviews. Google, being a customer’s first point of contact, is where people begin their research into your company.

Facebook is where people go for a bit more detailed write-up. Both of these sites also display a star rating, which is the average of all ratings left by contributors.


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