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5 Ways to Enhance Your Real Estate Virtual Tour

Do you offer virtual tours when listing a home? If you don’t, you’re undermining your real estate success!

More than 40% of buyers say that virtual tours are useful when purchasing a home.

Virtual tours give your listing that wow factor that buyers seek. It also makes your listing much more personal. These tours give buyers a sneak peak of a home, allowing them to determine their interest level.

With time, virtual tours have become more common. This means that competing agents are also using virtual tours. Now is the time to find ways to make your virtual tour, unlike any others!

Want to enhance your real estate virtual tour? Want your home listings to spend less time on the market?

If so, keep reading for tips for enhancement tips.


Benefits of a Real Estate Virtual Tour

There are plenty of benefits to providing a real estate virtual tour of a home that you have listed.

The biggest benefit is that virtual tours make your listing much more effective. Buyers use the internet to find homes that fit their needs. The more insight you can provide of the house, the better.

Other benefits of virtual tours include:

  • Engage viewers by providing first-hand looks of the home
  • Increase visitor retention
  • Boost sales generation

Understanding the importance of virtual tours is step one. The next step is to enhance your tours to make yours unique.



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5 Tips for Enhancing Your Real Estate Virtual Tour

Virtual tours are common. Here are ways to ensure your virtual tours are engaging and successful.

1. Use Video Instead of Pictures

In the past, images were the go-to method for providing a virtual tour of a home. As an agent, you would take pictures of each room and then add them to the listing. While images might be sufficient, videos have become the go-to media for tours.

Walk through the home and record each room using a video. Highlight important and unique aspects of the home.

The idea behind using video for a virtual tour is that they are more interactive. You can pique buyer’s interests by showing the details that might be missed in a picture.



A video also provides voice-narration. This makes it easier to understand the video as you move throughout the home.

When using a video for a real estate virtual tour:

  • Ensure your white balance setting is correct
  • Shoot floor to ceiling, and then ceiling to floor
  • Use a tripod to avoid shakiness
  • Shoot 5-10 second clips for each room
  • Don’t forget about the exterior of the home
  • Use a call to action
  • Include music or narration


2. Show off the Surrounding Area

Giving buyers a view inside the house is useful. However, buyers are also interested in the community where the home is. Buyers waGoognt to see items such as:

  • Local landmarks
  • Parks
  • Schools
  • Local businesses
  • Main roads
  • Shopping centers
  • Restaurants

So how can you let buyers get a feel for the surrounding community? You could invite them to an open house.

However, some buyers may be unable to see a home in person before purchasing. Others want to ensure the home is worthwhile before making the trek.

To ensure every buyer can get a glimpse of the surrounding community, create a map mash-up.

You can create one of these maps using Google Maps Mania.


3. Make Home Improvement a Reality

Buyers want to be able to make a home their own. From new cabinets to new wall colors, there are endless changes that can be made to a house. However, Instead of expecting buyers to imagine their changes to the home, why not show them?

With Obeo’s StyleDesigner, virtual decorating is a reality. You can virtually decorate the home before sharing the tour with potential buyers.

Buyers can also choose to decorate the home to get an idea of the improvements they’d like to make.


4. Create Interactive Floor Plans

An interactive floor plan is a good way for buyers to see the lay out of the home without stepping foot into it. Want to give buyers a big picture view as well as the small details? If so, these floor plans are a must use.

The plans allow users to click on areas of the home, such as the kitchen or master bath. After clicking, an image or video is displayed.

These floor plans are ideal for enticing buyers to come see the home first hand. They are also useful for long-distance buyers who may be unable to see the home in person.

To create these floor plans, you can use TourVista and MapsAlive.


5. Use Images, and Plenty of Them

While video is the preferred medium, if you want to use images for your listings, ensure they are quality images. There is nothing worse than pixelated and low-resolution images.

As a real estate agent, your job is to sell the house, and images are the buying point!

The more pictures that you have of the home, the more interested buyers will be. Be sure to include pictures of every room of the home. If you skip a room, buyers may assume there is something wrong with that room.

When using home images for a real estate virtual tour:

  • Use a tripod and light stands
  • Use a wide angle lens
  • Use various forms of flash
  • Take pictures on a sunny day
  • Provide different perspectives of each room
  • Have insurance—take lots of pictures
  • Edit pictures

When taking pictures of the home, be sure to use a digital camera. Cell phone cameras can produce grainy low-quality images.


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