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10 Reasons To Use Hashtags (Plus, The Best Hashtags to Use)

Once viewed as just your phone’s pound key, the hashtag is now an indispensable social media tool used for categorizing posts and for making content easily searchable. The best hashtags effectively increase business visibility and encourage social media audiences to be active participants in your conversation.

After their initial rise in popularity on micro-blogging sites, hashtags were soon supported by most well-known social platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, and Google+.

Companies large and small stand to benefit from the popularity of these platforms when they use hashtags. So, for ten reasons why your business can benefit from using hashtags and to find out which hashtags are the best, continue reading.


1. Hashtags are Great for Promoting Your Business

Hashtagging allows your audience to participate in your conversations. This means that when you establish a hashtag for an event or promotion, your social media followers can easily follow what is happening in real time.

It’s a good idea to be moderate in your use of hashtags. You won’t need to include them in every post or update. Also, don’t use hashtags that are too long.


2. Hashtags Encourage Audience Engagement

Depending on the social platform you’re using, you’ll be able to engage your audience with hashtags, opening conversations for them to participate in.

When deciding which hashtags to use, keep in mind that they’re used differently for each platform.

For example, hashtags on platforms such as Instagram will be focused more on describing the picture or video content.


best hashtags Instagram comments


Other platforms, such as Twitter, have hashtags that are focused on a specific topic or a certain group of people that you aim to engage.

Make sure you’re using hashtags appropriately for each platform. Most of these social media platforms will give you guidelines on how to select and use the right ones.

You’ll be able to engage more people if you use the most relevant and popular hashtags on each platform for your business and events.

Also, when you’re specific with your hashtag, your audience will be more targeted. A targeted audience usually results in more engagement.


3. Hashtags Make Searching More Efficient

Hashtagging can make it much easier to search for both specific posts and relevant subjects.

Hashtags that are popular will produce continually updated results in searches.


4. Using Hashtags Makes You Easier To Find

As mentioned, hashtags will make your searches more efficient. They do the same for those searching for you or the types of services you offer.

Hashtags allow your audience to search and discover what your business is offering over many platforms. Both Twitter and Instagram have a search option that uses hashtags.

Both those interested in your services and those already familiar with your business can use hashtags to find information and posts.


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5. Hashtags Attract More Followers

For some social platforms, such as Instagram, hashtag use on picture and video posts will allow you to reach more people, which almost always results in more followers. Having more followers makes your business more visible.

On other platforms, hashtag use is more helpful for representing the post’s topic so users can more quickly find related content.


6. Hashtags Help You Create Relationships with Followers

Using hashtags can allow you to establish relationships with your followers in a unique way.

Hashtags help you take advantage of the fact that people enjoy posting about their lives, important events, and big purchases. This means real client engagement and more exposure for you.

You can create relationships with your followers because people love to post and you want customer engagement.

For example, some companies will ask clients to use a certain hashtag on a photo of the client in front of their new home. This creates a direct connection with the client, while it also increases your exposure to their followers.


7. Hashtags are Great for Cross Promotion

Once you’ve established what the best hashtags are for your business or event, it’s likely that you’ll use the same ones across many of your social platforms.

This consistent use of these hashtags creates multiple conversations over different platforms. For your business, this means you’ll get more exposure and more audience engagement.


8. Customers Can Easily Give Their Input

Listening to what your customers have to say will have a huge impact on your reputation and on the way you conduct your real estate hashtags

Social media platforms give you direct access to the customer opinions and ideas through their comments. They also clue you in on trends you might otherwise miss.

Hashtags are helpful for encouraging and gathering customer input, as they let you easily find customer reactions to promotions, events, and properties.


9. Hashtags for Photo Content Description

Nothing sells a product or service like a great photo.

Make sure your photos can be easily found by using the best hashtags possible to describe what you are selling.


10. Hashtags Specify your Niche

Most of the time buyers have a certain type of home on their mind. Whether they’re in the market for luxury, ranch-style, Cape Cod, or vacation homes, the best hashtags will lead them to any of your properties that fit the bill.

You may run an Italian Restaurant in Mont Royal. Using Hashtags, you can specify the specific details of your niche, location, and specifics. For example, #italianrestaurant, #MontRoyalitalianrestaurant, #MontRoyalrestaurant, ect


Hashtags are a Powerful Marketing Tool

Almost any word can be turned into a useful hashtag, so it’s important to make sure you’re familiar with those that are most relevant to your business and target clients.

Hashtags help your business reach its full potential when using online social media marketing.

For more information and great online marketing tips, check out the rest of our blog.

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